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"Madame" C.J. Walker 

- Born Sarah Breedlove, 1869, in Delta, Louisiana. 
- Married C. J. Walker at the age of 15; became a widow at the age of 20. 
- After experimenting with many mixture of oils, she achieved a desired ointment
  for softening hair, but not to relax hair. 
- In 1905 she developed a hot iron, shaped as a comb, to remove tight curls. 
- Madame Walker opened a school of cosmetology to train her operaters.
- Employed agents to sell her products and built a factory to produce her products. 
- She had over 2,000 agents worldwide. 
- Maintained an annual payroll of over $200,000. 
- Advertised in all of the Negro publications of the time. 
- Built a mansion on the Hudson River at a cost of over $250,000. 
- Became a humanitarian giver.  As as an example, she once gave $100,000 for an
   academy for girls, in West African. 
- Died in 1919. 

Maggie Lena Walker
- Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1867. 
- Completed High School at age 15. 
- Began teaching in the public schools of Richmond while serving as an insurance
- In 1889 she left teaching to become secretary of the Independent Order of St.
- 10 years later she had become secretary-treasurer.  Maggie Walker held that
  position for 35 years. 
- During her tenure the membership increased from 3, 408 members to over
  100,000.  A home office building was required and an emergency fund of over
  $70,000 was kept.  She also established a newspaper, the St. Luke Herald. 
- In 1902 after helping to found the St. Luke (Consolidated) Bank and Trust
  Company, Maggie Walker became its President, becoming the 1st
  African-American female to head a bank. 
- Died in 1934 

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